Everyone loves Microdot. But up until now microdot lavaliers and adapters were very expensive. Not anymore. We are proud to introduce the W.Lav and WAD** adapters. A microdot modular lavalier that works within the microdot system. Featuring a 1.5 meter long cable, the W.Lav is a different kind of microdot lavalier. The W.Lav brings the microdot system to video professionals, ENG shooters, hotels, and houses of worship who may own or work with multiple types of wireless kits.



Lavalier mic

Additional information

W.Lav Model

DA5, DA4, DA35

Whats Included In The Box:

  • Deity W.Lav
  • Microphone Tie Clip
  • Deity Microdot Adapter (either DA35, DA4, DA5)
  • Faux Fur Windscreen
  • 2x Foam Windscreen
  • Hook and Loop Cable Wrap
  • Carrying Pouch