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Amaran 528/672 Light Accessories

-Designer for Amaran AL-528 and HR672
-Better Soft Lighting Effect
-A Filmmaking Lighting Experience (EZ Box+)
-Light and Portable


Get Your Kit, Meet Your Mind

The three versions diffuser kit can meet various requirements. EZ frost can expand light area, and soften light; EZ box can enhance contrast of the subject; EZ box+ can reduce light angle to more precisely control light.

Better Lighting Control

To better shape light, the EZ Box Softbox Kit effectively prevents light from spilling all over your scene. The silver reflective interior also maximizes light use and spotlight. When lighting, you will be have more flexibility to control the lighting area.

Start Professional Lighting Set-Up with EZ box+

The additional grid included in the EZ Box+ kit makes the light easier to control and direct. Its 35 degrees lighting diffusion range is decided after hundreds of tests. Precise laser cutting technology allows EZ box+ diffuse light in an aimed direction and separate foreground from background. Just get the kit and start your professional lighting set up.

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