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  • Aputure Easy Box (EZ Box)


    Amaran 528/672 Light Accessories

    -Designer for Amaran AL-528 and HR672
    -Better Soft Lighting Effect
    -A Filmmaking Lighting Experience (EZ Box+)
    -Light and Portable

  • Aputure Easy Box +(EZ Box +)


    Amaran 528/672 Light Accessories

    -Designer for Amaran AL-528 and HR672
    -Better Soft Lighting Effect
    -A Filmmaking Lighting Experience (EZ Box+)
    -Light and Portable

  • Aputure Easy Frost


    Amaran 528/672 Light Accessories

    -Designed for Amaran AL-528 and HR672
    -Better Soft Lighting Effect
    -Light and Portable

  • Aputure Fresnel Mount


    Shape Your Light

    The Aputure Fresnel is the ultimate light-shaping tool offering versatility and intensity. Featuring an adjustable lens for flooding and spotting light output from 12°-42° beam angle, this lens magnifies the light intensity on the wide side at 14000lux all the way up to a blinding 100000lux at 0.5M.

  • Aputure Light Dome


    The Light Dome

    The Light Dome from Aputure is our latest light shaping tool, but this time includes a Bowen-S speed ring. Designed as a deep parabolic soft box producing both soft wrap around light and specular glow, the Light Dome is a versatile light shaping tool for a wide variety of applications.

  • Aputure Light Dome Mini


    The Aputure Light Dome Mini is the little brother to our revolutionary Light Dome. It’s a modifier designed specifically for the Light•Storm 120 and 300 series of LED lighting fixtures. With its wide variety of applications and a design that is perfect for lighting tight spaces in a simple and compact form-factor, the Light Dome Mini is the perfect lighting modifier especially for when you are on the go.

    Double the Diffusion

    The Light Dome Mini is equipped with double diffusion, a silver interior and first-class nylon exterior to produce an extremely soft and even look on your subject.

    16 Rods. Built Tough as Nails.

    The 16 rods of the Light Dome Mini are durable and heat-resistant. This Hexadecagon structure creates a precise circular round light as well as an appealing catch light in the eyes of your camera talent.


    Simple and Compact.

    Aputure Light Dome Mini is 687mm wide and 250mm deep, meaning it is designed to be compact from the get-go. It’s easy to install and fold up, but the features don’t stop there. We equipped this accessory with a 37.8 degree grid and speed-ring to work smoothly with any Bowens mount light.

    Control Spill.

    The included 37.8 degree grid adds an unprecedented ability to focus the output of your fixture to a certain and specific area. With more control, comes the better flexibility. In portrait lighting, for instance, the grid allows for better separation between your foreground subjects and the background.

  • Aputure Space Light


    The Aputure Space Light is the most versatile lighting accessory we’ve made yet. Designed for the Light Storm 120 and 300 series, as well as other Bowens mount LED lights, the Space Light is used by photographers, filmmakers, and videographers to add volume to any COB light and create a wide-spread light source that is soft, efficient, and optimally distributed.

  • Aputure Umbrella


    The Aputure Fiberglass Umbrella is a great tool for creating a soft wrap around light when attached on COB120t. This umbrella offers fiberglass white rods that give this umbrella it's shape and are extremely durable, making this light shaping tool made to last. Since these fiberglass rods are white and match perfectly with the white fabric of the umbrella, shadows or black lines won't show up in your image creating an even and full lighting solution.

  • Barn Door


    -Standard 7-inch Bowens mount design for fast easy setup / disassemble;
    -Standard 4-leaf velvet design control spread and direction of beam;
    -Cold-rolled steel plates for better strength, tighter tolerance and smoother finish;
    -Bundled with black Bowens mount adapter prevents light spill;
    -Bundled with a gel holder for filmmaker to design light colours;
    -Bundled with honeycomb grid add-on help control light spill spread by 30 degrees;